The order is a record in the database consists of a collection of information about the products that the user try to buy and the payment gateway that he/she used and the coupon that the user used and so on and so forth.

From the admin orders page, you can find and manage all the orders on your website. The order will be created in most cases(depend on the payment method) when the user clicks on the “Checkout” button and its status will be “Pending”, when the payment method validates that the user paid the payment the order status will become “Completed”.

If there are any errors or problems the payment status will become “Failed”.
When you change the order status from the backend(the admin dashboard) for example if you changed the order status to “completed” this will process the order as a normal case(e.g. if the user bought the order the payment will success). Tajer will check if the order products were added to the users’ products for this order, if not it will then add them, otherwise it will do nothing.

If you changed the order status to pending, failed, or refund Tajer will check if the user has the order products if he/she have them, it will remove them, if not it will do nothing.

If you changed the order status to Inactive then all the order products status will be changed to inactive(the user can’t access or download the files of inactive products).