Post Expiration

The post expiration functionality that this article talks about work with any post type and with pages as well.

There are many different ways that allow you to set the expiration date for the post, for example, you can use WP Premium Posts add-on to achieve this, however here we will discuss how the built in post expiration features work.

In Forms Management System you can allow your users to set the expiration date for their posts and for each post independently from the frontend or you can set default expiration date per form, in this case, all the posts that created using this form will inherit this expiration date.

Also, when you edit the post from the admin area you can modify this expiration date as you want.

You can specify even the minute that the post will expire on, also, you can specify “how to expire” for example do you want to delete the post on expiring or convert it to draft post or private post, or you may want to add, replace or remove categories on expire.

How It’s Work?

You can use the “Post Expiration” form field if you want to allow your users to specify the expiration date for their posts, or you can specify global post expiration for each post that created using a form from the form the “Post Settings” tab of the form editor.

If you used both of them then the “Post Expiration” field value will overwrite the global one.

You can set the post expiration date from and admin area for any post even the posts that didn’t create using Forms Management System plugin.


  • Currently, you can’t use two forms on the same page both of them contain “Post Expiration” custom field(this custom field allows the user to set the expiration date for his/her posts from the frontend, so you still able to set the expiration date per form or from the admin area if you want to use the post expiration functionality with these forms that located on the same page).
  • This functionality built on Post Expirator plugin, so you must disable this plugin before using FMS, otherwise, you may face unexpected results, the post expiration settings will be imported from Post Expirator plugin per post so don’t worry.