Forms Management System Message

Notes on Forms Management System Message add-on

After installing and activating the add-on please re-save the permalink.

In order to convert any form to message form you will find an option called “Make this form message form” in the “Post Settings” tab of the form editor you must enable it and fill the fields that will appear bellow it with the appropriate data.

enable-fmsmPlease notice that when you enable “Make this form message form” checkbox many forms settings will be inactive, for example, the “Post Type” field, no matter what post type you chose the post type that will be used for this form is “fms_message”.

*The title field will consider as the message subject.

*Required fields are the title field and two email custom fields one of them for the recipient email and the other one for the reply-to email address and one text custom field for the Reply-to “name”.

*Only use custom fields while building the form all other fields currently not supported.

*Please notice that the send and preview functionality work only with the saved message, for example, if you saved the form then update its data then clicked on send button the saved data will be sent.

*The frontend dashboard(s) that will use to manage the messages must contain the post type hardcoded like [fms_dashboard post_type="fms_message"]