Add full-featured wish list to Tajer plugin.

Tajer Wishlist add-on let you allow your customers to save their favorite products in their wish list.

This add-on adds a beautiful empty heart icon with a number of times that this product added to users wish lists to the bottom of your products. This empty heart converts itself to full-color heart and increases the number of times when then user clicking on it to give the user modern cool visual indication to allow him/her know that this product has been added to his/her wish list.

Tajer Wishlist add-on allows you to increase your sales by allowing your customers to save the products that they love in order to check them again later and buying them.
From the user’s wish list, the user will manage her/his wish list’s products also there is two options for each product in the user’s wish list allow him/her to see the product prices and adding the product to her/his cart or buying it.
Tajer Wishlist is multilingual ready and fully compatible with WPML


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01.02.2016 - ver 1