Tajer Licenses is a licenses manager add-on allows you to generate license keys, license activation, license deactivation, and checking system.
Your software can check whether the user’s license key is valid or not in order to get automatically updates for the software or support.
You can send the entire software on the fly allowing the user to update his/her product directly also the user can see the change log and the latest version of the product.

You can per product(sub product) create a separate license, you can also limit the number of activation times per license.
This add-on is completely compatible with Tajer features and add-ons, for example, the users can renew their license or upgrade it to another license, also you can give a free trial or specify expiration date or number of download per product which is reflected on the license.
The add-on has been built specifically with WordPress plugin developers in mind, and we are working on making it available for WordPress themes developer, you can allow your customers that they bought your plugin to get automatically updates with only one click like if they have a valid license key like if they update any other WordPress plugin, they will not feel any difference!
Also, for example, you can sale software(or WordPress plugin) product and allow the user to activae it on 1 website and another license for the same software for three websites or for any number of websites.


*For the very best value, Tajer add-ons bundles include this, plus every other Add-On (and unlimited licences) at a significant discount.

  • Activation Limits

    Limit the number of license activation per license per product.

  • Activation

    Remote license activation.

  • License Key

    License key generation.

  • Recurring

    License Recurring(Renew).

  • Downloads Limits

    Limit the number of downloads per license.

  • Email The License Key

    Send the license key to the user via email when the user bought the product.

  • Easy To Set Up And Use

    Easy to set up and use, you will find instructions within the add-on folder in the “api” folder on how to set it up, however, we are still here if you need any assistance with it.

  • Checking

    Remote license checking.

  • Deactivation

    Remote license deactivation.

  • Upgrade License

    Upgrade license to another license.

  • Expiration Date

    License expiration date set to the sub product expiration date.

  • Upgrade System For WP plugins

    Automatic upgrade system for WP plugins(for themes is in development stage).

  • Frontend License Key

    The user can find the license key for each product in the default Tajer frontend dashboard in a very modern style and fully compatible with any WordPress theme.

  • Multilingual

    Multilingual ready and full compatible with WPML.

  • Choose your plan

  • Number of website(s)
  • Support period
  • Upgrades period

  • $149


  • Unlimited
  • Lifetime
  • Lifetime

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01.02.2016 - ver 1