User Products

The user product(customer product) is a product bought by a customer. When the user buy a product it will be recorded in the user products table for that user. You can manage your customers products from the “Products” → “User Products” admin page. For example you can delete your customer products or add a product to any user also you can edit any of your customers products.
Now imagine you want to add a product to a user manually.

  1. From your admin dashboard navigate to “Products” → “User Products”
  2. Click on “Add New” button.
  3. Fill the modal form with the appropriate information and click on “Add” button. The “Order ID” field is “Tajer Order ID” you can find it in “Products” → “Orders” or you can put 0 (zero) in this field if this product was without an order, also you can put 0 (zero) in the “Number Of Downloads” field.

If you want to deactivate(disable but not delete so the user still can see his/her product but she/he can’t do anything with it, for example can’t download or access it) a user product follow the following steps:

  1. From your admin dashboard navigate to “Products” → “User Products”
  2. Find the product and click on “Edit” button.
  3. Change the product status from the “Status” field from “Active” to “Inactive”
  4. Click on “Update” button.