Templates And Styles


Creating themes or templates for Tajer are much like creating any WordPress theme templates. All you have to do is to create “tajer_templates” folder inside your theme or child theme and copy any Tajer template from “wp-content/plugins/tajer/templates” folder to this folder and modify it as you want.


Tajer uses Semantic UI library to style its elements, the Semantic UI styles will never apply on anything outside Tajer elements because Tajer fires Semantic UI inside ‘Tajer’ classes only, what I mean by this is anything goes between for example <div class=”Tajer”> and </div> its style is powered by Semantic UI, you can use Semantic UI to style your codes if it was inside ‘Tajer’ class.

That makes the conflict between Tajer or Semantic UI styles impossible with any theme or plugin style on your website.