Posting Forms Settings

In the upper tab of the form builder click on Post Settings you can change the settings of
the current form only.


Post Type: You can change the post type (all the standard and custom post types will
appear in the list).
Post Status: the status of the post that will be published by the current form (published,
draft, pending review or private).
Post Format: is the format of the published post (aside, image, video, audio, quote, link
or gallery).
Default Category: it’s the default category when the user is not allowed to choose one.


Enable Guest Post: to allow unregistered users to submit posts without registering, you
also can require a name and email or let them add new posts directly without requiring
name and email (see picture below) and then assign all posts to a user you specify and
provide his/her id in the General Settings -> Post Settings.


Redirect Post: where the user will be directed after submitting a successful post.
Comment Status: open or closed.
Submit Post Button Text: the label of the button.
Save As Draft: enables the user to submit his/her post as a draft.