Child Plugin

To create a child plugin for FMS plugin
Go to the plugins folder wp-content/plugins and create a new folder, name it fms-

In this folder you can put the following files if you want named:

fms-custom-css.css -> for your custom style (css roles)

fms-custom-js.js -> for your custom JavaScript

fms-child.php -> to add hooks for the plugin instead of adding them in


How to overwrite a specific php file?

You can overwrite any file within classes or includes folders, for example to
overwrite the default dashboard create a new folder in the fms-child folder and name it
classes now copy fms-frontend-dashboard.php file (the dashboard file) from the
FMS and paste it in the classes folder that you just created, now FMS will use this file
instead of its original file, of course now you can modify this file as you need and this
modification will not destroy when we release a new update of FMS.