WPML Compatibility

Elegant Profile Builder is fully compatible with WPML, you can create a great multilingual website
with them together.
After installing WPML on your website to translate the forms of Elegant Profile Builder to other
languages you have to go to WPML-> Translation management -> Multilingual Content Setup -> Custom posts,
then find the “Registeration Forms” and make sure that you choose “Translate” option for them.


Now if you go to your Forms you can translate them to any language you want.
All the strings in Elegant Profile Builder you can translate from WPML directly, first you have to go to
WPML-> Theme and plugins localization then choose “Translate by WPML.” And save after that navigate to
“Strings in the plugins” and find “Elegant Profile Builder” and select it then navigate to the bottom of the page
and click on “Scan the selected plugins for strings”.
Now you can go to WPML-> String Translation then search for the untranslated strings then translate them.
Translating any page of Elegant Profile Builder to any language is a very easy process, just go to “Pages”
then create a translation version for that particular page and put within it the exact same content, for example
for the login page you can put the login shortcode “[epb_login_form]” in all translated pages and EPB with
WPML will work together to make the magic happen.