1. Please always be sure that you are using the latest version of EPB.
  2. In some cases you may need to change the form Meta keys (some or all Meta keys) to another unique
  3. Please be sure that the Meta keys and other information of the form are entered correctly, for example
    non logic conditional logic and empty required fields.
  4. Don’t repeat the met keys more than ones.
  5. In rare cases you need to go to Settings->Permalinks and click on Save Changes every time you make a
    change in a specific form.
  6. On some dedicated hosts the mod_security may cause a problem, in this case you need to contact your
    hosting support.
  7. Please be sure that you don’t have empty required fields such as the mime types while creating the form.
  8. Please use only small letters and underscores when you name the meta keys.
  9. Sometimes you may need to empty your browser cache.
  10. When you create a registration form you should include at least the “Username” and “E-mail” fields
    from the “Profile Fields” section.