Best WordPress eCommerce Plugin


Best WordPress eCommerce Plugin

When we started developing WordPress eCommerce websites for our clients and also we wanted to sell WordPress plugins on our website we took a look at the WordPress eCommerce plugins that available at that time and we found them a great choice and also available for free!

After installing them on our websites and start using them we found them only contain basic features! there are a lot of features that every eCommerce website needs and we didn’t found them in these plugins, but we found that these plugins offer these features as extensions and if you want to build a normal(not professional) website it will cost us hundreds of dollars!

We thought that if we bought these extensions for every client and also for every website that we own we should pay thousands of dollars!

At this point, we decided to build a WordPress e-commerce plugin that contains every professional feature the big e-commerce website needs for free!

After about one year of developing we proudly released Tajer. and we think it is the best e-commerce tool that you can use to build an eCommerce website.

Tajer contains the most important features that every e-commerce website needs, for example, Upgrades, Trials, Recurring(Subscription), Downloads Manager, Memberships & Access Manager, Bundles, Coupons, etc. You can take a look at its features by visiting its page.

We decided to make it available for free for everyone! and because we work as freelancers at sometimes and we know how the freelancer try to save every penny! when we released add-ons for Tajer we decided to make them cheap also we created add-ons bundles and you can get all Tajer add-ons even the add-ons that we will release in the future for only $99

Also if you are a developer and want to create add-ons for Tajer we are glad to tell you that Tajer is rich in hooks and we will be really happy to assist you and we will announce your add-on on our website for free also if you want we can offer you to sell it on our website!

Tajer is the only and we are so sure to say it out loud it’s the ONLY plugin you can really start your e-commerce business within cheapest way ever.